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Kendra Sex Tape

Great news! We get to see more of Kendra Exposed. Another part of her sex tape was released and you guys much check it out. Apparently there are some scenes that got cut from the video and we got our hands on them. They pretty much involved around the same thing, seeing Kendra getting fucked but they are still pretty amazing. The hot blonde does an amazing job each time she’s here and with this one she didn’t disappoint us. These new parts from it made it even more interesting as you are going to see below. We got some really amazing angles from Kendra’s sex tape and we know that you guys want to see them as well. There’s something about this sex tape keeps bringing us back and back for more!

We just can’t get enough of her and we are sure that you guys feel the same way. In case you want to see more teens getting their wet pussies pounded make sure to check these erotic teen pussy scenes as well. Kendra really made us happy when she released this tape and the part is that new pictures and video keep on appearing from that night. We all know how it ends but that doesn’t mean that we don’t like seeing every single part of it right? This was all for today but make sure you guys return for more steamy update featuring your favorite girl. Enjoy!

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Kendra Fucked

Hey there once more guys and gals, and welcome to a new Kendra Exposed update. Since last week, you got to see the beautiful blonde have some hard style sex, and loved the view of it, the sexy little lady has some more of that this fine day. Think of it as part two of their little encounter. And that’s not a stretch to think either as the cute blonde sure can last for a long time. It’s only natural that her man is a perfect match for her in bed so they can go as long as they want. Anywho, you get to see miss Kendra enjoy some more hard style sex this afternoon and of course it’s just amazing to behold. Let’s get the show going and see her in action again today!

Well, after she got to have the time of her life riding that cock last week, the babe was up for another hard dicking this time too. Watch her even getting down to suck and slurp on that mighty cock to make sure that it’s nice, hard and lubed for her sweet cunt. Then you get to watch the babe lay on her back and letting the guy do whatever he wants to her pussy. Sit back and relax as you can see her moan in pleasure while she takes a missionary style pussy fucking in this one. And near the end you can even see her begging the guy to fuck her even faster and harder. Great and sexy scene with Kendra and we can’t wait to see what the babe is going to be up to next week! Also you might watch some free teamskeet vids and see other beauties getting nailed!


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Kendra Exposed Nailed

Well, for this scene, Kendra Exposed is going to be showing off how she personally likes be have sex. She caught her boyfriend to help her out with this one and it’s sure enough that that’s one lucky guy to have this beauty bouncing on his cock for this fine evening. Anyway, she knows you’re always eager to see more of her getting as wild as she wants on cam and this sets the bar high too. Yes, you are going to be seeing the adorable blonde as she gets to have some sex today and love every second of it. We bet you are quite eager to see this blonde babe hard at work so let’s just get the show going and see her in some delicious action today shall we?


The sexy Kendra and the guy kick things off with some nice foreplay. And of course, that means lots of kissing and fondling each other’s nude bodies. Rest assured that they made those clothes fly off them really quick as they were eager to fuck too. After some reciprocal oral pleasing as well, the two move on to the best part and that means you get to watch the beautiful Kendra get on top of the guy and slide that cock in her sweet pussy. Just take your time to see the lovely little babe bouncing up and down that hard cock this afternoon as she moans loudly in pleasure too. For similar videos, enter the bang boat site and see other sexy chicks riding cocks! Great scene and we’re sure that the babe will top herself once again next week too!

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Kendra Exposed Fingering Herself

Another fresh week and time to check out anther fine and sexy Kendra Exposed scene. The blonde babe knows that you’re waiting to see her in some more kinky action and she delivers on that once again this week. As you know by now, this is simply put, the best place that you can go to when you want to see a super cute and super sexy blonde get kinky on camera. This week she wants to show you her o face and of course, that implies that she is going to be touching herself and you get to see it too. It’s a scene that you just can’t pass up on so let’s just get it started to see Kendra in some sexy and solo pleasing action today! Also you might watch some pics from parties and see other beauties showing off their tits!


As the cameras start to roll, Kendra makes her classy entry and straight up you can see that the blonde hottie is butt naked. She does let some time pass as she poses around for you sensually, but that’s not the main focus of the scene as you know. Watch her get on the bed and spread her sexy legs for you. You get a nice and long look at that sweet and pink pussy of hers and you can watch her slowly starting to rub it. After a relatively short while, you can see her as she moans loudly while she masturbates fast and hard in front of the cameras. Have fun and don’t forget to check out the rest of her sexy scenes to see even more of her get naughty!

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Kendra Blowjob

Kendra Exposed here yet again with new scenes for you. Well, lately, little miss Kendra got really really kinky and naughty and you got to see it all on cameras just like usual. This fine day brings you some more of the simply stunning blonde lady as she gets her usual kinky self out again. And not only that, but for this one, you can watch the blonde showing off her superb skills at sucking and slurping cock. Rest assured that her bf is more than happy to take part yet again in this one and let her show off for all of you. So let’s not beat around the metaphorical bush any longer and let’s just get things going to watch this little lady in some wild and hot action everyone.

As soon as the scene starts off, the beautiful blonde starts with a sexy strip show like she always does. You know that she just adores showing off her body for you and the cameras. Anyway, after that you get to see her go for the guy’s pants and in just a few moves, she whips out that meat pole of his with ease. See her putting her tongue to work and her juicy lips as well as she wraps them around that cock and see our little blonde sucking and slurping on the man meat for the whole scene today. We’ll be back soon once more with new scenes of her so be sure that you stay tuned to not miss them everyone. See you next week and bye bye for now! For similar content, enter the ghettogaggers blog and see other hot babes sucking cocks!


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Kendra Posing Naked

It’s that time of the week again everyone, and you know what that means. There’s a new Kendra Exposed scene here to show off to you and the babe is as eager as always to play for you throughout it. The blonde wants to get a tad more kinky in this one as well and you can bet that there’s plenty to watch her do in this one as well. Kendra has her bedroom all to herself for the afternoon once again and since she was feeling frisky, she was going to take her time to get naked on cam once again and then play with herself for as long as she wanted. And naturally, you get front row seats to the amazing hairy undies show with her as she gets to be naughty just like always everyone.

When it starts off, it starts with the lovely babe Kendra making her entry of course. Well, she seems to already be naked and eager to play and you can watch her get on the bed, as soon as she gets do be done posing around and fooling around for the camera. Once she’s there, she starts the real action as she runs her hands all over her body and it looks like she’s really enjoying herself as well. Be sure to check each and every single image in Kendra’s update for this afternoon and you get to see her have some more naughty fun. Just like always, enjoy the view and be sure to drop by once again for more new scenes with the sexy blonde!


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Kendra Exposed Stripping

Another fresh week and time to see some more Kendra Exposed galleries today once again. Well, since you guys adored last week’s simply incredible scene with the sexy Kendra doing some superbly hot strip tease for the cameras, she has for you another scene in that same style today too, and yes, the leather jacket makes a comeback this afternoon as well. Anyway, it’s always great to see the super sexy blonde in action and there’s bound to be more of her like this in future updates too, so no worries, you’re covered, if your thing is to see Kendra slowly taking off her clothes and showing off that amazing naked body of hers as well. Let’s get her show started and see her play.


Much like last week’s scene, the lovely babe turn on the camera and starts to undress and of course she comes in focus while wearing that jacket. Take your time to see Kendra slowly taking it off more and more. At first revealing those shoulders and her long, flowing blonde hair, then her upper back, and then turns around as well and you can see her perky tits too. It comes off more and more while she gets to spin around and you can enjoy those delicious curves of hers from every single angle as well. If you wanna see another beauty showing off her sexy body, check out the diddylicious site! Have fun with this superb gallery with Kendra today and as always make sure that you guys stay tuned for her next scene coming up in next week’s new update. We’ll see you then!

See hot Kendra taking off her clothes for you!

Stripping Off

This week’s Kendra Exposed scene is another incredible one. The sexy blonde knows how much you adore seeing her play and she has some more things to show to you in her scene as always. She gets to do some sexy and sensual stripping in this one and you just have to see it for yourselves. As you know, the blonde is a true expert at teasing and she never likes to let more than a week pass without her getting naughty for you. Well as we mentioned, this one is going to be featuring some superb stripping from lovely miss Kendra and you get to enjoy it all. Let’s get that show on the road without delay and see the simply gorgeous babe in action shall we?

When she makes her entry, miss Kenda is wearing a sexy leather jacket on her. Seems to be a little bit bigger than her petite figure, but there’s a catch. That being, that she’s not wearing anything underneath the said jacket at all. And of course, when she starts off, you get to see her teasing you as much as she wants before she fully removes it. Of course, then you get to enjoy the view of her perfect nude body and she does take her time to pose for you so that you may see her from every possible angle as well. Anyway, it’s a superb scene, just like in lycra ass videos, so check it out and as always, don’t forget to drop by again next week once more for a new and fresh gallery everyone!


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Nasty Kendra

Today at Kendra Exposed you have the chance to see your favorite busty blonde get around to toy with herself on camera. As you know by now, little miss Kendra, the blonde that stole your hearts here, gets kind of kinky at least once  week…Well it happens way more often, but at least she remembers to turn on the cameras for at least one of those naughty sessions of hers to show off to you guys. Anyway, this week, miss Kendra is up for showing off some more sweet and sexy updates for you and it’s superbly hot. Let’s start it off and just watch the beautiful babe go at it without any sort of delay this fine afternoon shall we everyone?


As soon as the cameras start to roll, you can see that this blonde beauty is going to be taking her time to play with herself in the scene. The sexy Kendra, starts of course with a nice and sensual little strip tease session to kink things off nicely. She starts to touch herself as she sucks on her fingers and she just look so dam sensual while she’s doing it. Then she begins to play with her body and you can watch the beauty touching herself all over. You can get to see her make her way lower and lower and soon enough she gets to enjoy playing with her pussy as well for you and please herself for the rest of the scene. Also you can enter the site and see another beautiful blonde masturbating! Enjoy the view and we’ll be seeing you next week with some new scenes with her!

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Kendra Exposed Nude

Hey there everyone, it’s time to check out some more Kendra Exposed this afternoon as always. We know that you love watching sexy models masturbating so we have a surprise for you! The cute blonde is back with some more showing off scenes and they are as drop dead gorgeous as always, just like you can see. This time she gets even kinkier as you can see from this preview image, but for more you have to delve in deeper in her gallery. Rest assured that there’s plenty to see for this one as well, as this gorgeous little blonde babe has a talent for doing all kinds of kinky stuff on camera and then showing it to you. Well, let’s just get the show going and see the beautiful babe Kendra in some naughty and sexy scenes today!

When the cameras roll, the beautiful Kendra takes us back to her bedroom again for this afternoon. Once there, she starts to strip out of her sexy little outfit and makes her way on top of her comfy bed. And as you can probably see, the only thing left on her is her almost knee high white leather boots. Oh, rest assured that she knows just how kinky that is, and with that you can see her starting to pose naughty for you guys. Just sit back and watch this gorgeous blonde getting to spread those sexy long legs for you and get a good look at that pink wet pussy of hers as well. Enjoy and as always, come back next week for another scene with this cutie of a blonde everyone!


Check out Kendra spreading her long legs!

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